I’m not a photographer

I just love taking pictures with my camera or my cellphone.

at parties now

Golden Bali

Marching Band

Bamboo Fence

Old Bicycle

A Ray of Light Touching the Ground

Gold Wood

Camping Breakfast

Japan Festival

On a street of Singapore

Red ‘Udeng’

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Kids Biking in the Afternoon

My Friend Posing Under the Morning Light

Two Men Talking

My Friend’s Bike

Kids Having Fun

Hard Top Racing

Bromo Panorama 1

For Instagram Sake

Morning Love

A Couple Enjoying Morning Sun

Ranu Kumbolo Lake

His New Corduroy Jacket

Bromo Panorama 2


Segara Anakan Lake 2


Old Man Reading

A New Life

A Lonely Boat

Selfie on Sembalun, Mount Rinjani

Teen Spirits

Segara Anakan Lake 1

On The Top of Mount Rinjani

Some Chinese Gods

A Corner of Orange Cafe

Broken Bicycle

The Bride

Absorbing Sun Light